Thursday, July 30, 2009 
Mercura Sunglasses on Facebook


  1. Have seen some wonderful new images of Mercura NYC crystal sunglasses on Taylor Swift in the T section of the New York Times, December 6th 2009, of Amber Violetta wearing Mercura NYC unique sunglasses in Couturier Italian Vogue 2009, Russian Vogue pictures in November of 2009 of Mercura NYC Sculpted unique sunglasses,of Mercura NYC unique feathered sunglasses in December Korean Vogue, Mercura NYC chain sunglasses on Jason Derulo, of Mercura NYC chain sunglasses on Tokyo, there is a whole list of magazines coming out in January and February with Mercura unique suglasses and jewelry. So keep your eyes open...there are zillions of new designs and all of them special and unique!


    1. It seems like every time you see a movie or TV show where police officers are involved, they seem to be wearing large sunglasses with mirrors on the outside. What are these shades and how did they come to be what they are today? The truth is that Mirror Sunglasses, as the sunglasses are called, are often associated with law enforcement and government officials for a valid reason.

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